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    German Horse Fit, your problem solver for the feeding trough

    From arthrosis to too few muscles, from intestinal problems and feces to nervousness, from stiff muscles and cracking joints to problems changing coats, allergies and eczema, from a lack of motivation to "my horse just doesn't gain weight", and much more..

    Our naturally developed, high-quality products specifically support your horse's body in dealing with these and other problems, with a success rate of over 90%.

    The raw materials we use are of course of the highest quality (at least human quality, wherever we can we even use organic quality raw materials) and are processed gently, i.e. either cold pressed or not pressed at all.

    Discover everything about horse muscle building , horse joints and horse stomach as well as much more.

    We look forward to your visit, your Fresch UG team

    without preservative substances

    without known side effects

    Made in Germany