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    The problem solver for the feeding trough

    From arthrosis to too few muscles, from intestinal problems and feces to nervousness, from stiff muscles and cracking joints to problems changing coats, allergies and eczema, from a lack of motivation to "my horse just doesn't gain weight", and much more..

    Our naturally developed, high-quality products specifically support your horse's body in dealing with these and other problems, with a success rate of over 90%.

    Simply contact us and arrange a telephone consultation with our experienced and qualified team.

    This is what our customers say about German Horse Fit

    Top product with a great price-performance ratio! I was convinced to try it on my then 29-year-old thoroughbred. He was always very slim, but as he got older he lost additional muscle mass. With German Horse Fit he looked much better after a relatively short time and gained a lot of strength and energy! THANKS!

    Great products that work and don't just make promises. The best thing is that it works without the use of chemicals! Advice and shipping TOP.

    A great additional feed. As a horse osteopath, I'm always a little hesitant about products like this, but the horses have developed great with them.

    without preservative substances

    without known side effects

    Made in Germany