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    Galacum VET 5 KG

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    Galacum Vet is a real all-rounder. Not only does it support the effectiveness of our own products, it is also a very useful aid for a variety of other problems.

    Due to the existing ingredients lactic acid + minerals + trace elements + biocatalysts, Galacum VET powder is a holistic product in which all components complement each other and work together.

    Product Information :

    • Natural ingredients, no preservatives, no known side effects
    • Shelf life of 5 years without further storage conditions
    • in successful use for over 120 years

    Galacum VET 5 KG


    Crude protein 14%, crude fiber <0.5%, crude oil and fats 1.5%, crude ash 13%, sodium 1%, lactose 60%, L (+) lactic acid 8%


    Due to the existing ingredients legal lactic acid + minerals +
    Trace elements + biocatalysts is Galacum VET powder
    holistic product in which all components relate to each other
    complement and work together. Since Galacum VET powder no
    Contains more lactic acid bacteria, but has “nutrients” for it
    has lactic acid bacteria, which are useful for building up the intestinal flora,
    It can also be fed with antibiotics at the same time.
    Galacum VET powder is self-preserving and does not require any special
    Storage conditions. It's dry in the kitchen cupboard without any problems
    Storage protection lasts 5 years.

    Powder concentrate produced as a feedstuff according to a traditional recipe. No artificial preservatives and no colorings. Fermented acid product based on sour milk with organic acid for better feed hygiene, to lower the pH value and to prevent digestive disorders and to support intestinal health.

    Feed individual feed according to the daily dosage (pure or through feed):


    Horse 2 x 100 g/day (average horse with 500KG), or

    0.2 g of individual feed per kg of horse body weight.


    2 x 25 g/day (average horse with 500KG) or

    0.1 g of individual feed per kg of horse body weight.

    The most frequently asked questions

    Acid whey is created when lactic acid bacteria are used during cheese production to initiate the coagulation process. The curd or curd settles and is further processed. What's left is the sour whey.
    However, it should not be confused with sweet whey. This will be today
    almost exclusively industrial and using rennet
    (an enzyme from calf stomachs); therefore it does not contain lactic acid
    more. Sour whey, on the other hand, is particularly valuable because it is rich in dextrorotatory lactic acid. Specifically, lactic acid is formed when lactose is broken down
    (milk sugar) into lactate (lactic acid) by bacteria. Depending on the type of active
    Two different forms of lactic acid occur in bacteria: dextrorotatory
    (L+)- and left-handed (D-)- lactic acid. Left-handed lactic acid
    is caused by fermentation and putrefaction processes in the intestinal tract and can lead to
    Hardening and rheumatic deposits as well as muscle pain in the heart,
    in arms and legs and complaints of the stomach, chest, back and
    Uterine muscles lead.

    Right-handed lactic acid, on the other hand, plays a central role in metabolism. In addition to the already mentioned protective effect in the body (strengthening the intestinal flora and mucous membranes), it is also important for energy production in the muscles and liver. It also counteracts alkalosis (basicity) of the blood, which is particularly common in chronic diseases and cancer. Right-handed lactic acid inhibits protein synthesis and associated with it
    excessive cell proliferation. Furthermore, dextrorotatory lactic acid can
    Increase cellular respiration through direct activation of mitochondria. This improves the oxygen supply throughout the entire organism. This aspect is particularly interesting for cancer therapy, as it was already hypothesized at the beginning of the 20th century that cancer cells would increasingly obtain their energy from fermentation and no longer from cellular respiration. In 2006, this assumption was confirmed in the laboratory. Tumor growth could be stopped through the targeted activation of cellular respiration. By the way: With certain sour whey products, cellular respiration was increased by up to forty percent!

    Lactic acid lowers the pH value of skin and mucous membranes
    the natural level of 3 to 5. This activates the self-healing powers
    and counteracted pathogenic alkalosis. Once dextrorotatory lactic acid
    When it gets into the blood, it lowers the blood pH value to one
    optimal level.

    The therapeutic qualities of Galacum are based on the biological value of the ingredients of the concentrate such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as the high content of dextrorotatory lactic acid. The central site of action of Galacum is the mucous membranes of the digestive system of the mouth, throat, stomach and intestines. A general improvement in the function of the digestive system and effective therapy of mucous membrane and intestinal diseases of various origins is achieved through:

    •Destruction of pathogenic, acid-labile germs such as staphylococci, streptococci and dysentery bacteria

    •Acid environment preparation

    •Activation of intestinal cell metabolism

    •Improvement of motility in the intestines

    •Improvement of lactic acid bacteria flora

    •Strengthening the body's own defenses

    •The pro- and antibiotic active principle of Galacum uniquely combines the advantages of a pro- and antibiotic in one active ingredient, making it a natural enemy of acid-labile bacteria and viruses and a natural friend of the desired lactic acid bacteria

    • Antagonism against acid-labile bacteria. There are around 100 trillion bacteria in the concentrate. These bacteria take on important tasks for the horse's organism, such as: B. the production of certain vitamins or the energy supply of the intestinal cells. The intestinal flora represents a complex ecological unit with diverse metabolic activities and is comparable in value to the largest metabolic organ - the mucous membranes of the digestive system - the liver. The high number of microorganisms alone indicates that the intestinal flora plays an important role in the physiological and pathophysiological processes occurring in the gastrointestinal tract. The basic equipment of the body's own intestinal flora is transmitted at birth via the mother's anal and vaginal flora. An important germ within the intestinal flora is the lactic acid bacterium. It is present in a certain, constant ratio to other germs within the micropopulation. If this delicate balance is disturbed, e.g. B. by taking antibiotics, illnesses such as diarrhea can occur. Lactic acid bacteria need lactic acid as an environment preparer for optimal growth. It is used specifically by lactic acid bacteria to counter pathogenic, acid-labile accompanying germs, which is why lactic acid is so important as a regulator of the intestinal flora. The lactic acid bacteria themselves produce them from glucose. If the lactic acid bacteria population is reduced or there is a disturbance in the balance, too little lactic acid is usually produced by the lactic acid bacteria, so that the pathogenic germs gain the upper hand. External administration of lactic acid is indicated here. On the one hand, lactic acid prepares an environment that enables the body's own lactic acid bacteria to grow better and survive longer. On the other hand, as a biological active ingredient, it prevents the spread of other acid-labile bacteria and is therefore used as a natural antibiotic as part of naturopathic therapy.

    Eczema and allergies
    Especially with the increasing number of massive problems with allergies and eczema in horses and dogs, we recommend starting long-term substitution early, before tingling flies and other insects put a strain on the skin and at the same time with the first
    Signs of itching, or the following lotion to mix and apply:
    GalacumPET, VET, or Horse liquid ONE to ONE with SkinKeeperDog, or Horse
    protect gel mixing. With a silver spoon, if not available with a wooden one
    Plastic device, but never stir and mix well with metal utensils. The finished one
    Apply lotion to the affected areas and allow to dry. SkinKeeperDog or
    Horse protect spray can help support acute itching relief.
    Tip: Produce a larger quantity at the same time and fill it in
    vial. The mixture remains stable for several months so you don't have to worry about it
    have to be reproduced.
    This mixture is also for people with skin problems and for skin care
    Suitable for facial care. To make it, simply use Galacum HUMAN
    liquid and the SkinKeeper Imprimus Gel.
    Insider tip for women This lotion is also ideal for facial and body care.
    Wash your face as usual, spray with SkinKeeper Imprimus Spray
    on, let it dry briefly, for example while you clean your teeth. Give
    Apply this mixture sparingly to your face and neck. If necessary, wear the decorative one
    cosmetics. At best, you can do without it, as this lotion will damage your face
    gives a slightly tinted color.
    If you do this regularly you will become one after three to four weeks
    notice a substantial improvement in the appearance of your skin. Let yourself be carried away easily
    Do not be irritated by the sour smell of the lotion. Two to three minutes after application
    this is no longer detectable.
    Insider tip for men: As for women, this also helps men have a substantial one
    Improvement of facial skin appearance. Use this lotion and SkinKeeper Imprimus
    Spray in the morning toilet as described above. If you shave daily, wear
    Apply the lotion after shaving. You won't want to be without this lotion either.

    My specific experiences with prophylactic treatment with Galacum
    and feeding with concentrated feed:
    By feeding Galacum, broodmares and bitches have significantly fewer problems with pregnancy
    or to become pregnant again after foaling or littering. Swabs taken before insemination did not show any bacteria or germs that would make another pregnancy difficult. The regeneration of the uterus was completely problem-free and the fallen foals/puppies had
    no digestive problems whatsoever. Weaning the foals/puppies was completely problem-free for them
    Mares/bitches. There were no engorged milk or udder infections and the udders/teats were fine
    completely naturally regressed.

    Fecal water in horses
    Fecal water in horses occurs when the solid and liquid substances are mixed together
    Digestion divide, which indicates a disorder of the colon villi and possibly also
    is due to a disorder in the small intestine. The horse manure is more like mush
    and the horse excretes fecal water. In my experience, Galacum supports
    the maintenance and development of the intestinal villi and cell regeneration in a natural way, and
    regenerates this cell disorder.
    Beam care
    When using Galacum for frog care and also for thrush, the following occurs
    Mixture has proven itself for years:
    1 piece of coal (available in pharmacies)
    1 bit of dried oak bark
    Galacum liquid
    Pure milk fat cream
    1 aspirin tablet
    Apply this paste/lotion to the frog daily with a brush for prophylactic purposes.
    Shallow areas can be closed with a cotton ball. Deeper
    Rotten areas can be protected again with a flexible plastic disc,
    which can easily be caught between the iron and the hoof. This supply every 2
    Repeat days.
    If you have mud or skin irritations, I recommend a lotion made from SkinKeeperhorse protectGel
    with Galacum liquid in a ratio of 1:1. Mix both with a silver spoon.
    To do this, wash the horse's leg or the affected area with GalacumVET animal shampoo,
    and then dab with the lotion. Depending on how dirty it is, definitely
    repeat daily.
    Hoof cancer in horses
    A tincture consisting of myrrh and galacum is also suitable for hoof cancer
    Ratio 1:1. A cotton ball soaked in the tincture should be pressed into the jet and a flexible plastic plate placed between the horseshoe and
    the hoof can be clamped, covered. Replace this daily.
    Convalescence / stable and box rest
    Although I would definitely recommend entering Galacum as a permanent substitution,
    I see again and again that the animals take Galacum during a...
    Box rest, or longer stable rest, are much less susceptible to problematic consequences
    Have pit rest. Despite the little or no movement, they appear very balanced
    and break down less quickly. Galacum also supports us during this time and gets involved
    every cell in the organism, no matter how small.
    Cow husbandry
    When keeping cows, adding Galacum as a prophylactic measure has increased
    the feed showed a significant reduction in udder inflammation, so that none
    Antibiotics were necessary. The cows' uterus also expands quickly
    regenerated and any possible bacterial discharge did not even occur. The
    Fallen calves had no diarrhea or digestive problems. With the dairy cows
    There was no engorgement or udder inflammation.
    Acute udder inflammation
    In the event of an acute udder infection, soak a cotton cloth directly with the Galacum and
    Wrap the udder with the soaked cloth. A cotton bag is also suitable for this.
    Secure well with a long strip of cloth on the back or at the base of the pelvis. Important is
    Make sure that the udder is covered very well directly with the cloth so that
    Galacum can be absorbed directly undiluted by the skin. In such a case the
    Increase the recommended daily dose by twice and, in an emergency, inject directly into the mouth
    and continue to administer it consistently with food
    Recommendation for the treatment of fox mange (sarcopedes) in dogs:
    Mix Galacum dog shampoo with DogProtect Gel and apply it to the entire body
    Internally in addition to Galacum via the food Ledum D4
    5 globules per day for 4 weeks
    Directly visible areas with a mixture of Galacum liquid and Dog Protect Gel
    Apply mixed with a silver spoon.

    Galacum is manufactured by the Galctopharm company in Germany.

    The Galactopharm Dr. Sanders GmbH & Co. KG produces and examines all of its products according to the internationally required quality guidelines
    EU Directive 2003/94/EC (GMP Directive = European Guidelines for
    good manufacturing practice), ISO 13485, EC Directive 93/42/EEC
    (Medical Devices Directive) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis of the Critical
    Control Point). Supervisory authorities regularly inspect the production facilities and quality assurance systems
    their compliance with national and European requirements
    and confirm this with a corresponding certificate. With fulfillment
    Galactopharm Dr. emphasizes the certification requirements. Sanders GmbH & Co. KG strives to ensure the highest level of quality , customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of its quality management .

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    without preservative substances

    without known side effects

    Made in Germany