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    Vitamin booster 0.85 kg

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    Naturally supplies your horse's body with all the necessary vitamins so that the immune system can function optimally. Regardless of whether you are dealing with acute problems or in the normal feeding routine, our “vitamin booster” is always the right choice.

    Remarkable results have even been achieved with eczema or mud.

    Vitamin booster 0.85 kg

      Wheat germ 15%
      Sea buckthorn berries 10%
      Linseed meal 10%

      Brewer's yeast 10%

      Spirulina algae 10%

      Moringa leaves 7%

      Sunflower oil 5%

      Nettle leaves 4%

      Stinging nettle seeds 4%
      Sage leaves 3%

      Dandelion 3%

      Beetroot 3%

      Rose hips 3%

      Artichokes 3%

      Currant 3%

      Sulfur blossom 2%
      Siberian ginseng 2%

      Galacum 2%

      Acerola berries 1%

      Analytical components and contents:
      25.20% crude protein, 7.90% crude fat, 11.10% crude fiber, 4.70%
      Crude ash, 0.30% calcium, 0.40% phosphorus, 0.44% sodium

      Ingredients and additives calculated per kg:
      Dry matter %89,705
      Crude protein %25,192
      Crude fiber %11,067
      Crude fat %7.878
      Sugar %7.42

      Strength %1.323
      Crude ash %4.68
      Lysine %0.856
      Methionine %0.283
      Threonine %0.775
      Tryptophan %0.112
      Met/Cys %0.240
      Calcium %0.311
      Sodium %0.440
      Phosphorus %0.381
      Magnesium %0.144
      diluted phosphorus (S) native %0.035
      avP (G) raw materials %0.052
      Chloride %0.023
      Potassium %0.38

      Horse (450 KG): 25 g daily (1 measuring spoon)

      for heavier horses, 2 measuring spoons

      Ponies/young horses: 10-20g daily (1/2 measuring spoon)

      During peak loads, the daily dose can be doubled, in horses
      In view of the initially very poor general condition, the number could even be tripled.

      The most frequently asked questions

      The answer is banally simple. We only use natural and highest quality ingredients, if at all possible even organic, or at least human quality. The compositions developed with alternative practitioners and veterinarians are ideally coordinated and have been extensively tested for their effectiveness.

      Of course, our high-quality raw materials are treated with appropriate care during production. To ensure that the raw materials are not exposed to pressure or heat, we do not press most of our products. If it needs to be pressed, we use gentle cold pressing. This is the only way to obtain the maximum amount of active ingredients.

      We avoid chemical additives wherever possible. We only use additional components where it is simply not possible to obtain certain nutrients in sufficient quantities from natural ingredients. Of course, these are of the highest quality, i.e. pharmaceutical quality.

      Unless they serve a specific purpose, we avoid unnecessary fillers. Each component in the food serves a specific purpose.

      The body of a horse (or rather living creature) is best able to recognize, break down and therefore utilize nutrients in their natural form.

      Our vitamin booster can basically be fed all year round. If you have existing problems, we recommend doing this so that deficiency symptoms cannot arise again. Of course, you can also add the product as a treatment, for example during shedding, to cover a period of increased need. How long the product should be used varies from horse to horse. As long as you follow the feeding recommendations, an overdose is not possible.

      Since our vitamin booster can be used for a fairly wide range of problems, the question of initial results can only be answered individually, depending on the problem. If you know that your horse has problems at a certain time of year, e.g. allergies, eczema or similar, please start feeding the vitamin booster in good time, i.e. when the problem is not yet acute. But the vitamin booster is also a good choice for acute problems to accelerate healing and relieve suffering.

      An improvement in the condition of the coat can usually be seen after 4 weeks at the latest. You should see a significant improvement after the first coat change at the latest.

      We recommend combining the “vitamin booster” with our “mineral” to achieve perfect results.

      The feed is very well accepted by horses because it consists of natural ingredients. Many horses are actually “hot” for it.

      At the same time, the food is very well tolerated, even by deer, EMS and Cushing's.

      9 out of 10 horses accept the food easily or greedily.

      Of course, as always, there are a few exceptions to the rule. So far we have been able to get most of the "leaders" to eat the food by using a little applesauce, honey, malt beer or a bruised banana. The good old mash or beet carving also helps you get used to it. It is important to start with small amounts of food and then gradually increase them.

      Most horses can be convinced with these little tricks. Once you get used to it, even the originally hesitant horses like to eat it.

      Yes, “Vitamin Booster” is doping-free and can be fed throughout the year. According to FN statutes, feeding them during a tournament is also harmless.

      Our products are manufactured exclusively by a qualified specialist company in Germany.

      The utmost care in the procurement and careful processing of raw materials are our top priority.

      Customer Reviews

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      Christiane Nattkamp
      Vitaminbooster zu teuer?

      Ich habe für den Preis tatsächlich ein Kilo erwartet, das es weniger ist, habe ich erst gesehen, als der Eimer da war. Es sind Kräuter und auch ein Messlöffel ist dabei. Die Pferde fressen es, aber ob sie deswegen jetzt gesünder durch den Winter kommen, kann ich wohl nicht messen...ich verstehe, dass das Verfahren zur Herstellung bestimmt auch nicht günstig ist, aber für den Preis werde ich den Vitaminbooster nicht nochmal kaufen:-(

      Theresa Spiegelhalter

      Preis Leistung stimmt hier meiner Meinung nach nicht !

      Guten Tag Frau Spiegelhalter,

      vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung.

      Wir sind stets bemüht unseren Service und unsere Produkte zu verbessern, weshalb wir auch auf ehrliche Bewertungen unserer Kunden angewiesen sind. Leider können wir Ihrer Bewertung kein konkretes Problem entnehmen. Wo liegt denn Ihrer Meinung nach ein Mangel bei unserem Preis Leistung Verhältnis vor?

      Gerne können Sie uns auch per Mail oder über das Kontaktformular unserer Homepage kontaktieren. Ich bin mir sich, dass wir eine Lösung finden werden.

      Ihr German Horse Fit Team

      without preservative substances

      without known side effects

      Made in Germany