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    Relax Hobby 0.85 kg

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    The additional food “Relax” is a mixture of natural substances that are intended to prevent or correct nerve-related deficiency symptoms and to actively bring about a balanced mood.

    Relax Hobby 0.85 kg

      Sea buckthorn 10.00%

      Noralge 5.00%

      Brewer's yeast 3.00%

      Rose hip 2.00%

      Agave syrup 10.00%

      Glutamine 2.00%

      Collagen 3.00%

      Baking soda 2.00%

      Flaxseed extract meal 35.00%

      Hemp flower 0.50%

      Hemp seeds 2.50%

      Magnesium oxide 5.00%

      Magnesium carbonate 5.00%

      Magnesium citrate 14.00%

      Tryptophan 0.20%

      Vitamin E 0.80%

      Analytical components and contents:
      22.50% crude protein, 3.10% crude fat, 5.10% crude fiber,
      13.50% raw ash, 0.20% calcium, 0.40% phosphorus,
      0.63% sodium, 6.50% magnesium
      Feed additives per kg:
      Nutritional additives: 4,000 mg vitamin E (3a700)

      Ingredients and additives calculated per kg
      Dry matter %89,378
      Crude protein %22,511
      Crude fiber %5,070
      Crude fat %3,080
      Sugar %8,967
      Strength %2,530
      Crude ash %13,468
      DE horse MJ 8,700
      Lysine %0.756
      Methionine %0.262
      Threonine %0.693
      Tryptophan %0.411
      Met/Cys %0.430
      Calcium %0.17

      Sodium %0.625
      Phosphorus %0.413
      Magnesium %6,468
      Chloride %0.031
      Potassium %0.567
      diluted phosphorus (S) native %0.096
      available Phosphorus (G) %0.100
      Vitamin Emg 4,000,000

      Horse (500 KG): 25 g daily (1 heaped measuring spoon)

      for heavier horses, 2-3 heaped measuring spoons

      Ponies/young horses: 10-20g daily (1/2 measuring spoon)

      If necessary , the daily dose can be doubled , even permanently .

      Start feeding about a week before you want the desired effect to occur. Then, about 1 hour before it is needed, feed. The effect lasts about 6 - 8 hours.

      Continuous addition as a supplement to the normal feeding routine is possible for recreational horses that do not compete.

      The most frequently asked questions

      The answer is banally simple. We just use
      natural and highest quality ingredients, if at all possible
      Organic, but at least in human quality. Those with alternative practitioners and
      Compositions developed by veterinarians are ideal for each other
      coordinated and tested extensively for their effectiveness.

      Of course, our high-quality raw materials are used accordingly during production
      treated gently. So that the raw materials neither pressure nor heat
      are exposed, we do not use one on most products
      Pressing. If it has to be pressed, we use a gentle one
      Cold pressing. This is the only way to obtain the maximum amount of active ingredients.

      We avoid chemical additives wherever possible. Only there where
      It is simply not possible to obtain certain nutrients in sufficient quantities
      To get the amount from natural ingredients, we use additional ones
      components. But of course this is of the highest, i.e
      Pharma quality.

      Unless they serve a specific purpose, we forego unnecessary ones
      fillers. Each component in the food serves a specific purpose.

      The body of a horse (or rather living creature) can contain nutrients in its
      Natural form is simply best recognized, split up and thus

      The feed is very well accepted by horses,
      because it consists of natural ingredients. Many horses are even
      really “hot” for it.

      At the same time, the food is very well tolerated, even by deer, EMS and Cushing's.

      9 out of 10 horses accept the food easily or greedily.

      Of course, as always, there are a few exceptions to the rule. So far we have been able to
      but most "brokers" by using a little applesauce, honey,
      Malt beer or a bruised banana to absorb the food
      move. The good old mash or beet carving also works
      Getting used to it, good services. It is important to eat small amounts of food
      to start and then gradually increase it.

      Most horses can be convinced with these little tricks.
      Once you get used to it, even those who were initially hesitant will eat it
      Horses like.

      This varies from horse to horse, but we can say from experience that an improvement should occur after 2-3 weeks at the latest, at least if this is not prevented by other factors (medical problems or similar).

      No, according to FN statutes, the components of the hemp flower and hemp seed are relevant to doping.

      Therefore, the food must be stopped at least 72 hours before the competition or replaced with the “Relax Sport” food.

      Our products are manufactured exclusively by a qualified specialist company in Germany.

      The utmost care in the procurement and careful processing of raw materials are our top priority.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Ulrike Prasser
      Beruhigung zur Behebung von Spannungen

      Unser 8 jähriger Wallach von Don Index - Rotspon - Matcho hat Probleme mit dem Absetzen von Kot beim Reiten oder auch Longieren. Wir waren der Hoffnung, dass die Probleme sich lösen lassen, wenn sein Nervenkostüm ruhig gestellt sind. Relax hat das sehr impulsive Pferd deutlich ruhiger gemacht. Er ist nicht mehr so umweltorientiert. Das Problem mit dem Kotabsetzen hat wohl andere Ursachen, die wir weiterhin mit dem Tierarzt aufspüren wollen.

      Malene Bundgaard
      Pur Entspannung

      Hallo :-)
      Jetzt habe ich meine 4 - Jährige Oldenburger Stute ca. 2 Wochen Relax Hobby gegeben, und sie ist schon jetzt deutlich entspannter und ruhiger geworden. Sie war vorher schon sehr unruhig, und wurde sehr schnell unkonzentriert. Jetzt ist sie seit Tagen sehr "down to earth", und beim Arbeiten ist sie auch viel mehr auf mich konzentriert:-). Sie will auch viel mehr schmusen, und steht die ganze Zeit sehr Artig auf die Stallgasse.

      without preservative substances

      without known side effects

      Made in Germany