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    Mineral 1.5kg

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    Provides the horse's body with all the minerals and trace elements in a bioavailable form that it needs for ideal functioning. Convincing results have also been achieved with eczema and mud.

    The calcium phosphorus ratio is in the ideal ratio of 3:1

    Mineral 1.5kg


      Diatomaceous earth 12.3%, grass green meal 10%, brewer's yeast 10%, algae lime 9.6%, sodium chloride 8%, monocalcium phosphate 5.9%, magnesium oxide 5%, magnesium citrate 3%, calcium citrate 3%, sodium citrate 3%, magnesium carbonate 1.5 %, potassium chloride 1.2%, kombu 1%, nettle seeds 1%, sea buckthorn 5%, hemp oil 5%, linseed oil 5%, sunflower oil %, spirulina 3.5%, chlorella 2%

      Dry matter %95,650
      Crude protein %9,564
      Crude fiber %3,050
      Crude fat %15,933
      Strength %0.963
      Sugar %1,198
      Crude ash %45.22
      Lysine %0.667
      Methionine %0.186
      Threonine %0.516
      Tryptophan %0.114
      Met/Cys %0.143
      Calcium %4,722
      Sodium %5,351
      Phosphorus %1.539
      Magnesium %3.8

      Analytical components and contents:
      10.70% HCl-insoluble ash, 4.70% calcium, 1.55%
      Phosphorus, 5.35% sodium, 3.80% magnesium

      Horse (500 KG) : 25 g daily (1 heaped measuring spoon)

      For heavier horses: 50 g daily (1.5 - 2 heaped measuring spoons)

      Ponies/young horses: 10-20g daily (approx. 1/2 heaped measuring spoon)

      Please keep an eye on your horse's mineral intake and check what your horse is getting from any other supplementary feed.

      In principle, all of our feeds can be combined with one another, but please note that with this product in particular, too much minerals can be problematic.


      The answer is banally simple. We just use
      natural and highest quality ingredients, if at all possible
      Organic, but at least in human quality. Those with alternative practitioners and
      Compositions developed by veterinarians are ideal for each other
      coordinated and tested extensively for their effectiveness.

      Of course, our high-quality raw materials are used accordingly during production
      treated gently. So that the raw materials neither pressure nor heat
      are exposed, we do not use one on most products
      Pressing. If it has to be pressed, we use a gentle one
      Cold pressing. This is the only way to obtain the maximum amount of active ingredients.

      We avoid chemical additives wherever possible. Only there where
      It is simply not possible to obtain certain nutrients in sufficient quantities
      To get the amount from natural ingredients, we use additional ones
      components. But of course this is of the highest, i.e
      Pharma quality.

      Unless they serve a specific purpose, we avoid unnecessary fillers. Each component in the food serves a specific purpose.

      The body of a horse (or rather living creature) is best able to recognize, break down and therefore utilize nutrients in their natural form.

      Our mineral feed can basically do everything
      be fed throughout the year. If problems exist, we advise
      This is also important to do so that deficiency symptoms do not occur again
      can arise. Of course you can also use the product as a treatment, for example
      Supplement feeding during shedding to ensure a time of increased need
      to cover. How long the product should be used depends on the horse
      different on horseback. In principle, all of our feeds can be combined with one another, but please note that with this product in particular, too much minerals can be problematic. It is therefore best to check all other additional feed that is given for their ingredients and keep an eye on your horse's mineral intake.

      Since our mineral has a fairly wide range of problems
      Can it be used, the only question is about initial results
      to be answered individually, depending on the problem. If you know that your
      Horse has problems at a certain time of year, e.g. allergies,
      If you have eczema or something similar, please start with it in good time
      Feed the mineral feed, i.e. when the problem still exists
      is not acute. But the mineral is also useful for acute problems
      a good choice to speed healing and relieve suffering.

      An improvement in the condition of the coat usually occurs after 4 weeks at the latest
      to recognize. You should have one after the first coat change at the latest
      see significant improvement.

      We recommend combining the “mineral” with our “vitamin booster” to achieve perfect results.

      The feed is very well accepted by horses,
      because it consists of natural ingredients. Many horses are even
      really “hot” for it.

      At the same time, the food is very well tolerated, even by deer, EMS and Cushing's.

      9 out of 10 horses accept the food easily or greedily.

      Of course, as always, there are a few exceptions to the rule. So far we have been able to
      but most "brokers" by using a little applesauce, honey,
      Malt beer or a bruised banana to absorb the food
      move. The good old mash or beet carving also works
      Getting used to it, good services. It is important to eat small amounts of food
      to start and then gradually increase it.

      Most horses can be convinced with these little tricks.
      Once you get used to it, even those who were initially hesitant will eat it
      Horses like.

      Yes, "Mineral" is doping-free and can be used all year round
      be fed. Feeding during a tournament is also possible
      According to FN statutes, harmless.

      Our products are manufactured exclusively by a qualified specialist company in Germany.

      The utmost care in the procurement and careful processing of raw materials are our top priority.

      Customer Reviews

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      Katja van de Kuijt
      Mineralfutter selen

      Warum enthält ihr Mineralfutter kein selen?

      Hallo Katja,
      wir haben kein Selen zugefügt, da Bierhefe und Kieselgur bereits Selen enthalten und wir ein 'zu viel' bewusst vermeiden wollen. Wir sind immer bemüht soweit möglich naürliche Rohstoffe zu verwenden, da diese vom Pferdekörper besser verarbeitet werden können.
      Sollte tatsächlich ein Selenmangel vorliegen (bitte per Blutbild beim TA abklären), sollte man dieses separat zufüttern. Ich hoffe wir konnten dir weiterhelfen. Sollstest du weitere Fragen haben, kannst du dich auch gerne per Mail an uns wenden. Dein 'German Horse Fit' Team

      Christina Riederer

      Mineral 1,5 kg

      without preservative substances

      without known side effects

      Made in Germany